Three bridesmaids and a bride

*** Originally appeared on the blog Quarter Life Catastrophe***

It was July 9th, and a sunny Saturday morning. The temperatures were well on their way to at least 90-degrees. I was driving down to my mom and dad’s place in my hometown around 9 that morning. One of my very best friends was getting married that day, and the bridesmaids were to be at her parent’s house by 10am sharp, so we could make our hair appointments on time.

I swung by my folk’s place and picked up my crimson dress and shoes that I had stashed in my old bedroom, before traveling just down the street to Sarah’s mom and dad’s big brown house. Her sister, Amy, and college roommate, Rachel, were already there. We were just waiting on Jodi, a friend of ours from high school. Sarah, Jodi and I have been friends since the 7th grade. They are honestly the sisters I never had. The final bridesmaid showed up moments later and we were on our way to Regency to fancify our locks.

“You, I want you,” said one of the stylists as we waited in the lobby. I laughed in wonderment. “Your hair is the PERFECT length for up-do’s.” she announced.

“Thanks?” I said. She asked me what I wanted and I told her to go crazy. As long as it was up and off my neck, she could do whatever she wanted. You would have thought I had given her a million dollars, the way her face lit up.

“Oh, you are awesome.” she said excitedly.

“I trust ya,” I laughed. We chatted about the wedding and other small talk. I learned that she had a son and grew up not far from where I did.

By the time she was through, the stylist had three bags of bobbie pins in my hair. My hair was HUGE. But it looked great. I love getting my hair done.

“I’m getting married today!” Sarah exclaimed as we piled back into the car. We laughed at her anxiousness. I had to slouch in the backseat of her Lumina to keep my hair from smooshing against the roof of the car. Jodi found this to be very amusing.

We made our way to the church after a couple of stops and met the wedding coordinator in the vestibule.

“Right this way, ladies,” she said as we followed her down a hallway into a room adjacent to the front of the church. The room was filled with musical instruments.

“I didn’t think it would be a good idea to put the guys in this room,” the coordinator laughed. I couldn’t blame her. After knowing the groomsman and ushers for at least five minutes, anyone could tell that they were a handful. Little did she know that she had put four very musical ladies in that room.

“Probably not a good idea,” Rachel laughed. We set our stuff on the table that sat in the middle of the room. Four red dresses hung sporadically around the make-shift dressing room, and Sarah’s white gown hung from the back of the door.

“This could be dangerous.” I stated the obvious. Sarah is a music teacher. She sings, plays piano, guitar and saxophone. Rachel is a music therapist and also sings, plays piano and guitar and other instruments. Jodi played saxophone in high school, and me… well I am a rockstar in my own mind. 🙂 I am not as “formal” as the other ladies… but I can hold my own. I have played guitar for about 14 years. I played trumpet in concert and jazz groups for seven years. I used to play marimbas in a percussion ensemble. I understand how to play piano, but wouldn’t go as far to say that I am a piano player. I can play two songs, that’s it. Guitar has always been my main passion.

But I digress. Not five minutes after the wedding coordinator left us in that room, Sarah sat behind the piano that was pushed up against the wall and started playing “Lean on Me.” I smiled and Jodi started laughing. She knew exactly what was coming next.

I sat myself down behind the drum set and started tapping the hi-hat along with Sarah, adding the bass. Jodi and Rachel started singing as we approached the chorus and I hit the toms before adding snare. I laughed as Rachel found the bongos and Jodi had a tambourine. We were groovin’ Club Nouveau style when Sarah’s mom and sister came through the door to investigate the source of all the noise.

“You guys realize you are right next to the Church, and that door is open, right?” her mom laughed. We looked at the back of the room. Sure enough, there was a door that led into the front of the church, and it was wide open.

“You don’t like our music?” I asked sarcastically.

“I love your music,” she returned the derision. I have known Sarah’s mom for a long time and she knows my sense of humor.

We put our instruments back in place and proceeded to get dressed. Sarah was tied into her white gown, and Jodi, Rachel, Amy and I were in our red dresses. We still had about a half hour to kill, when Amy and Sarah’s mom headed out to the lobby to mingle with family members.

This time, Rachel plopped down on the piano bench.

“Yay!” I said like a little kid as I grabbed a set of drum sticks.

“We need a camera!” Sarah laughed. The four of us started jamming again… until the wedding coordinator poked her head into the room.

“Everyone can hear you,” she told us calmly. We all paused, looking at her like deer in headlights before cracking up.

“I don’t hear any applause,” I said shaking my head. The coordinator laughed at me.

“Well, you guys are fabulous, but you should probably start getting ready to line up.”

We reluctantly slipped on our heels and headed out into the lobby towards the back of the church to meet the boys….


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  1. Lynda · September 2, 2014

    I don’t know who you wrote this for but you helped a brotehr out.

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