Something From Nothing

I was driving through downtown Minneapolis on one of the warmest March days on record, my Canon DSLR was riding shotgun and I was thinking about where I wanted to go shooting that day.

(I started a random photo project, you see, in an effort to learn how to use the damn thing.  More on that soon.)

As I cruised down Hennepin Avenue that day, I saw a building I’d never noticed before.  It has a radical mural on it that I really need to go back and take in, as I only saw it for a few seconds.  As traffic flew by me in both directions, I slowed for a moment and snapped a photo as I drove by.  I didn’t have time to adjust any settings, I just snapped and drove.  Don’t tell the cops.

When I got home and reviewed the photos I had taken that day, I hated most of them.  That happens, no big deal.  I was anxious to see the Hennepin Avenue shot and was a little bummed (though, not surprised) that it was incredibly blurry and overexposed.  But still, I liked the image.  I threw it into my favorite photo editing program and started playing with it.

I exaggerated every aspect of the photo, giving it odd coloring and even more exposure.  I’m not a trained designer, nor is this an amazing shot, but I kind of dig the result nonetheless…


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