Take a Breath

With white buds nestled into the sides of my head and the familiar white cord connected to the iPhone in my pocket, I stepped onto the pavement that trailed around the three mile perimeter of Lake Harriet.  The song I’ve been obsessively listening to all week poured into my ears and I slid my shades over my eyes.

Everything around me disappeared and I fell deep into thought as I moved one step at a time around the body of fresh water.  I remembered the first day I set foot on these trails.  It was the start of a life changing journey to rid myself of the “costume” I had been “living” in for the better part of a decade.  With each mile, I stepped closer to myself. With each day, I stepped a little further out of the hibernation I had contained myself in.

I shook my head slightly to bring my brain back to the present moment.  I looked out across the water and saw a couple of canoes gliding through the sun kissed lake.  I noticed the docks were in and kids were fishing.  I noticed a couple having a picnic in the grass to my right.

Standing on the shoreline tonight at the end of my miles, ninety pounds lighter, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes for a moment.  I thought about things I’ve been scared of.  I thought about people I’ve pushed away.  I thought about decisions I’ve made.  I thought about this past week.  I wondered how the hell I was going to jump the next hurdle.

And then I snapped these photos with my phone.

Oh, and that song?  This one.

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