Girl Crush

I am comfortable enough with myself to admit that I have a pretty major girl crush on Missy Higgins.  That’s fairly obvious to anyone who talks to me for more than five minutes about music or reads back in the archives on this blog.  (I’m actually a big fan of the Australian music scene in general.  Hello, Ben Abraham?  More on him at a later date.)

It’s been more than five years since Missy quit music (temporarily, thank goodness) and the more media buzz that generates around her new album (due out in Australia on June 1), the more ecstatic I am to get my hands on it.  I think the fact that we have to wait until July 17 here in the U.S. has got to be some form of torture.  Good things come to those who wait, I suppose. 

There’s one article in particular that beautifully highlights Missy as a person, and gives some insights to me personally as to why I connect with her music so much. 

Reading about her depression and questioning what her purpose was on this planet deeply resonated with me.  It’s something I’ve struggled with off and on for years.   Not necessarily depression per se, but rather, that daunting question of why am I here?

From college to my career to relationships to everything… I have never done things the conventional way.  My friends are married, having babies and doing what society deems as “normal.”  I often feel like I don’t have anything in common with them anymore and that in itself has been isolating.  Add to the equation a job where, if I’m not out on the road, I work from home where I live alone.  It makes one drown in their own head sometimes.

I go through periods where I feel behind everyone else and wonder what the point is.  Why keep trying?  Yet at the same time, I’m filled with hope and determination to the possibilities that lie ahead.  The two pull at each other, searching for balance.

So the floodgates open but nothing comes out
I’m feeling no relief in my head, just doubt
But my heart keeps telling me ‘hold your ground
You’ll never learn a thing if you bail out now’

excerpt from “The Wrong Girl” by Missy Higgins

The past couple years have felt like I’ve been coming out of a coma.  Focusing more on the hope and determination and less on the past.  I’ve been putting myself out there, instead of hiding.  Doing instead of watching.  Trying new things, instead of sticking to what’s familiar.   Being okay with the fact that I do things my way, instead of worrying about “keeping up with the Jones’.”
I think I realized just in time, although my old self was hard to find
You can bathe me in your finest wine but I’ll never give you mine
‘Cos I’m a little bit tired of fearing that I’ll be the bad fruit nobody buys
Tell me, did you think we’d all dream the same?

–excerpt from “Scar by Missy Higgins

I haven’t yet had my “ah-ha” moment like Missy did in 2010, but I think I’m getting there.  Pushing forward and finding my passions is priority one.  I fully believe the rest will find me along the way.  
Be happy, friends.


The Wrong Girl


Photo Op

I saw this shot last week, but didn’t have my camera with me.  I went back to the same spot last night, with, what I felt, was the totally wrong lens.  This is what I captured…

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