Two Years Later

“I could do nothing and nothing will change, or I could do something and something might.”
I said that to myself one day as I started making life changes to become a healthier person, and it became my own personal mantra when I was on the brink of giving up. 
Two years ago this week, I was in NYC celebrating my 30th birthday with friends from Minneapolis.  Before those friends arrived, though, I hung out at a beer garden in Queens with my NY friends and co-workers.  Of course, in this day of camera phones, a bunch of photos were taken.
When I saw the images the next day on Facebook, I was shaken to my core. (My MN friends can probably confirm I was a bit out of sorts that entire trip, now you know why.)  It was like I had just realized I was fat.  Not that I didn’t know.  Believe me, I was well aware.  But up until that moment, I’m not sure I really SAW it.  I compare it to someone pouring gasoline all over me… which would be ignited by an afternoon at the theater a short time later.  
About a month ago, I dropped into a healthy BMI… and for the first time in my adult life I wasn’t considered “overweight” or “obese.”  There are no words to describe what that moment was like.  I literally fell to my knees; 96 pounds lighter and completely overcome with emotion. 
I stood up, looked in the mirror and saw determination in my eyes.  I’m not done.  This isn’t a checkered flag.  It’s taken me two years just to get to the starting line.  
(My God, how self-indulgent am I sounding?  I’m annoying myself.  Honestly, I really just wanted to thank those of you who stood with me during an extremely trying period in my life.  I wasn’t always a treat to be around and I know that.  So thank you.)

To make swinging by worth your while, I give you a random video…


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