Crazy is a Necessity, Part 2

I’m not sure I know how to put into words what was learned during my brief road trip last weekend. The influence of the experience is still lingering in my mind and I want to hold on to it as long as possible.
I’ve always had this illogical need to do things quickly… or not do them at all. 

From the 847,296 failed attempts at losing weight where I’d quit when results didn’t come fast enough, to a lightening fast career path where I went from being a Client Service Rep to a Director within five years… I’d always been one extreme or the other.

It wasn’t until I started hanging out here in middle ground when things started to change.  The fat girl who worked too much is gone.  In her place is a lighter person who is just living life without worrying too much about the end goal in whatever it is she is doing.

After the show last Friday, I stepped off the elevator at the hotel where I was crashing for the night.  I turned down the incredibly long hallway and headed towards my room located at the very end.  I caught myself in an unnecessary hurry, trying to reach my destination as fast as I possibly could.  I was going to conquer that hallway, damn it!  The colorful carpet on the floor suddenly seemed to jump up in my face, swirling around me as if in a dream.  I felt myself calm as I realized my old tendencies emerging, steadying into a normal pace.  (Captain Obvious says: we aren’t just talking about hallways.)

When I reached my door, I stuck the keycard in the lock.  Doing so exposed the wristband from the show from under my jacket sleeve. I smiled as it all came together. The lesson… the key… the point of my trip… the… whatever you want to call it…


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