A Month of Gratitude, 30

I’m excited to hand over the lost slot in this Month of Gratitude to a guest blogger.  This post from The Emerging Dancer fits nicely into the theme of the month and is fitting for closing this month long series of posts.  And ironically, as I didn’t know what he was going to write about ahead of time, it perfectly segues into an upcoming post from me.  Until then, read on, friends.  -AD

#30: Second Chances, by The Emerging Dancer

In our world where learning is iterative, knowledge accumulated is never comprehensive, and the conviction to apply acquired knowledge is often lacking, what beautiful and necessary things Second Chances are. When I’m able to learn from a failure and take advantage of a Second Chance, there is no feeling quite like it. It’s about resilience. It’s about perseverance. It’s about patience. It’s about humility.

I believe life is like baseball. You know the game will end at some point, but you are always in the game until the final out is called. In basketball, soccer, football, or hockey, if you are at a significant deficit with seconds remaining on the clock, you simply run out of Second Chances. Yes, the hourglass drains in both baseball and life, but its rate is highly variable and unpredictable, and the hourglass is opaque. That’s my kind of game, where you never know when the final out will occur, and you always have a Second Chance.

Second Chances provide hope. Second Chances provide opportunities for forgiveness and redemption. Nothing in life can be undone, but even when life reaches its lowest points and most lonely depths, there remain Second Chances. Today I am thankful for Second Chances.


A Month of Gratitude, 29

#29: My brothers

I started off this thing with my parents and now I’m rounding it out with my two younger brothers.  They are two of the best guys I have ever known and I’m grateful to call them family.  Always willing to help people out, especially this girl.  From climbing up in the rafters of my garage when it’s 20 degrees below zero to fix my garage when it broke – twice, to lugging heavy things I’ve purchased into my house (couches, beds, treadmills), to snowblowing their way to my house so I could escape it after snowmegeddon… they’ve always been there for me.  I hope I do an adequate job in returning the favor.  Plus, they’ve brought a couple great girls into the family who have become better sisters than I could have ever imagined.  So high five to my bros, for being their awesome selves.

A Month of Gratitude, 28

#28: Hot Chocolate

I’ve felt a cold coming on for a couple of days now and today it put up a good battle (though, still hasn’t won).  We all have comfort food that makes us feel better when we’re not at 100%.  Mine happens to be a comfort drink… hot chocolate.  It always makes me feel better.  So right now, in this moment, I’m thankful to be curled up with a big mug of it.

A Month of Gratitude, 27

#27: Good Samaritans

I was scanning though my Facebook feed today, as I usually do several times a day, and came across a post from a high school friend.  She shared the story of how a good samaritan came to her family’s rescue in a desperate time of need.   She didn’t know him, he simply helped them from the good of his heart.  I cried as I read the story and it made me want to do more myself to help others.  We need to be reminded that in all the filth and bad crap that happens in this world, there is still good.  There are people who selflessly help strangers.  I’m thankful for them, as they inspire me to be a better person.

A Month of Gratitude, 22, 23, 24 and 25

#22, 23, 24 and 25:  My life 

You caught me.  I missed some days.  I hope my U.S. friends had a wonderful and relaxing holiday weekend.  I spent mine going non-stop and now finally have time to sit, chill out and reflect on what I’m truly thankful for.   The simple answer: everything.

There are baskets of laundry sitting on the floor next to me, begging to be folded, as I’m curled up in the corner of my couch with my laptop.  It’s stressing me out that they are there and not being taken care of, but they can wait.

A song I’ve been quite literally obsessed with over the past week pours out of the speakers of my surround sound as I look for inspiration for this post while the music dances around me.

This weekend I ate, ran, walked, biked, shopped and shopped some more.  I spent time with my family.  I hung out with friends.  I watched football.  I did laundry.  I worked a little.  I helped someone move. I held my nephew.  I got into an epic game of keep-away with my dog.

I feel extremely humbled and thankful, which I suppose is the point of this holiday.  So often people focus on what they don’t have and they let it get them down.  I know I have.  But when you take a look at what’s right here, right now… it’s pretty amazing.

Ok, ok.  So maybe this post isn’t very “inspired” but it’s truth.

More soon.

A Month of Gratitude, 21

#21: Three-day work weeks

While I’m not super confident I’ll leave work tonight and not get phone calls all throughout the holiday, the potential for a long weekend is something I am grateful for.  And even if there are meltdowns I need to address, my first priority over the next few days will still be to hang out with family and friends and think about things other than server issues and looming deadlines.  I hope you get to spend time with people you care about, too!