A Month of Gratitude, 9

#9:   Defying Gravity.

I hit the gym  this morning as I kicked off a four day weekend.  After shooting hoops with my brother for awhile, I hopped on a bike to log some “miles.”  (Stationary is better than nothing as we head into the winter months, right?)  As I got about halfway into my ride, I really wanted to quit.  All week, I’ve struggled with being into my workouts mentally and today was no different.  I navigated my iPhone to an album I don’t listen to very often anymore and pulled up the song that started my own personal revolution — Defying Gravity from Wicked.  Instantly I was transported back to when I could barely walk on the treadmill for a half hour.  I was reminded of how far I’d come and I started riding harder and faster.  That song does it for me every single time and I’m grateful for that.  And that’s why I can’t listen to it very often, I’m afraid of burning out the fire it lights.  Is that weird?  If it is, I don’t care.  😉


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