A Month of Gratitude, 11

#11:  Our veterans.

I get choked up whenever I see a soldier in uniform.  Seriously.  Last time I was at the airport in the security line, there was a guy in BDUs and the TSA agent stood up from the stool he was sitting on, shook the man’s hand and said “thank you.”  I’m tearing up just thinking about it again.  I think about the sacrifices these soldiers are making in order to keep this country safe.  Their families who are constantly worrying about them until they come home.

I think about both my grandfathers who fought in WW2 and the Korean War.  I think about my uncle who was a career Airman.  And closest to me, I think about my brother who served as an F16 Crew Chief in the Air Force.  I’m so, so proud of what they did and am grateful to call them all family.



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