Why I Walk

My involvement with the Thanksgiving morning Walk to End Hunger started ten years ago when I was an intern at a local radio station.  It went by a different name back then, but the effort was the same.  I encouraged my family to come out and participate in an event I was helping produce and that turned into an annual tradition.  Every Thanksgiving morning since, we meet bright and early and walk a 5k to raise money for hunger relief efforts.

Why do I do it?  I’ll get to that.

We just went through another ugly political season, in which heated arguments flared and spin was spun all around us.  I read people saying things about how “people shouldn’t get handouts” and “I work hard for what I have, why shouldn’t everyone else?”

The truth is, though, we don’t know everyone’s story.  It’s irresponsible to throw out blanket stereotypes and turn away.  Are there people who abuse resources?  Yes.  But there are bad eggs in every basket.  That doesn’t mean we should toss out the entire thing.

But I digress, as we’re not talking about government welfare programs here.  We’re talking about neighbors simply helping neighbors when things get hard; making sure a kid has full belly so they can focus on living a life that’s aimed at something better than their current situation.

In a country that is full of excess, I cannot accept that there are families going to bed hungry.  There is no reason for it.  That’s why I walk.  That’s why I volunteer at distribution centers

I’m walking for 2nd Harvest Heartland, an organization that collects and distributes excess food from producers.  If you contribute to my page, your money will save food that would otherwise go in the trash, where it does no one any good.  Perfectly good food, a lot of it fresh, that wasn’t deemed good enough by retailers for their shelves for whatever reason.

Thank you for considering.  You can make a donation by clicking below.  Anything helps!


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