A Month of Gratitude, 29

#29: My brothers

I started off this thing with my parents and now I’m rounding it out with my two younger brothers.  They are two of the best guys I have ever known and I’m grateful to call them family.  Always willing to help people out, especially this girl.  From climbing up in the rafters of my garage when it’s 20 degrees below zero to fix my garage when it broke – twice, to lugging heavy things I’ve purchased into my house (couches, beds, treadmills), to snowblowing their way to my house so I could escape it after snowmegeddon… they’ve always been there for me.  I hope I do an adequate job in returning the favor.  Plus, they’ve brought a couple great girls into the family who have become better sisters than I could have ever imagined.  So high five to my bros, for being their awesome selves.


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