The Tremendous Week of Nothing

The end of the year has rapidly appeared, as it usually does, and again I found myself with a ton of vacation days to use.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a happy problem to have, but at the same time it reminded me how much I neglected to take time away from the office this past year.

In an effort to not toss that time into the wind, I took last week off from my full time gig.  I didn’t have anything planned.  I wasn’t going anywhere.  Typically when I do a staycation, I’ll plan a ton of stuff to do locally.  Lunches, shows, etc.  This time, I didn’t.

Sure, I had grand ideas of things I’d get done around the house, like clean out the storage closet in my basement that’s full of stuff I haven’t looked at since I moved in five years ago.  And clean my garage.  And teach myself how to bake kick-ass bread.  And read a few books.

I did none of that.   I did a whole lot of nothing.  I stayed up late and played guitar.  I slept until 10 a.m. and went to the gym.  I watched a ton of movies/TV shows on Hulu.  I did a little Christmas shopping.  I finished one of the six books I’m in the middle of.  I put up Christmas decorations.

Ok, so maybe I need to check the definition of nothing, but compared to a normal week and everything I intended to get done, it was pretty lazy.  And while lazy it may have been, I did still learn something about myself during that time.  I need some kind of deadline in order to get anything productive done.  If my boss comes to me and says “I need a report on this done by end of day.”  BAM, I crank that sucker out, stat.  If a family member needs me to do something, I do it right then and there.  But when it comes to my own stuff, if there’s no sense of urgency, I just don’t do it until I feel like doing it.  That mode of operation translates to a lot of procrastination, wasted time and stress because I get pissed at myself for not following through.

That’s what I’m working on as we head into the New Year – personal time management and motivation.  I need to learn how to do things for the sake of getting them done, not because there’s a looming deadline or because someone else needs me to do it.  I need to devote more time to doing productive things and less time to distractions.  I’m not calling it a resolution, because I hate New Year’s resolutions.  Let’s just call it a continuation of my personal evolution.

(Did she just say she hate’s New Year’s resolutions?  I did.  More on that to come.)


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