I’ve started 2013 fairly quiet here at The Awkward Dancer, and not really on purpose.  I’ve had a lot rolling around my mind lately, yet whenever I sit down to write… words seem to elude me.

I’m still observing, though.  Experiencing. Learning.  Searching.

I read the news every morning and the majority of the time I find myself shaking my head, completely dumbfounded by how this world functions.  Yesterday, I read a story with the headline “Woman Robbed While Having Seizure on Light Rail” and it seriously messed me up.  For the rest of the day, I felt this sense of sadness and anger.  How could someone do that to a fellow human being?  I don’t understand how such selfishness continues to run so rampant in our society.  I didn’t know this woman, but reading her story made me feel defeated.  Like the world had gone to hell and I was left wondering what the point was.

Last night, I was up late struggling with an epic RLS flare up.  I was pacing around my dark house, frustrated and trying to calm the muscles in my legs while reading the latest news on my iPad.

Airport cleaner turns in lost iPad with $13,000 in case, gives away reward

I clicked on the story and stood still in the middle of my pitch-black living room, reading.  I was smiling by the time I reached the end.  Patrick Morgan reminded me that the world has not gone completely to hell.

There’s hope for us, yet.



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