Last night I partook in a couple of adult beverages after a less-than-awesome day and then proceeded to type unfiltered right here on this page.  I wasn’t drunk, but I definitely didn’t care what I was publishing.  I woke up this morning and read what I had written and took it down, simply because it was a little too personal for publication on The Awkward Dancer – for now, anyway. (Update:  I’ve since restored the post.  I think it’s something people can relate to, so what the hell.)

Even though I pulled it down, it’s given me a little nudge to push the limits on what I write about.     And I realized that the reason I’ve been so stuck in writer’s block is because I haven’t really been doing anything.  Work, gym, sleep, repeat.  I haven’t exactly been living a life worth writing about lately.

I’m heading out to New York for the next week, though, hoping to reignite the creative part of my brain and get into some shenanigans in the process.  You know, in between the actual work I’m going out there to do.

Take a moment and look for the lessons in your own lives.  The lesson I learned in my buzzed writing is that you can’t grow when you hide out in the shade.

Time to get back out in the sun…


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