Happy Surprises

For the second day in a row, I sat on a hard chair under fluorescent lights around a large conference room table with some incredibly smart people in my industry.  A presentation was projected on the wall and my colleagues were engaged in a very… thorough… discussion about operational procedures and technical possibilities.

Being the operations nerd I am, my mind was going a thousand miles an hour, thinking about potential solutions to the items on the table, when out of nowhere this moment of personal realization smacked me in the head.

It had absolutely nothing to do with work.  It wasn’t remotely related to the discussion at hand.  Yet, somehow, that intense discussion about billing systems caused this burst of self-actualization and I got really excited about it.  I immediately started jotting down notes covertly on my iPad, I didn’t want to lose that train of thought.  I wanted it to still be there when I had time to actually think about it properly.

Fair warning: I’m going to be incredibly annoying and cryptic for now by not getting into what that revelation was specifically, as it’s part of a much larger story I’m working on (my attempt at a book!)  But the experience of it is noteworthy.  It illustrates perfectly what The Awkward Dancer is all about – looking for meaning and inspiration in places that aren’t, on the surface, very meaningful or inspirational.

After all, if I can find incitement in the middle of a business meeting, you can surely find it… anywhere.

More soon…


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