Comfortable is Boring

This morning I was seconds away from texting my trainer to cancel our session. I’ve had a cold bug toying with my body over the past few days and I felt drained. I know, I know, this is the part where you tell me: Listen to your body, don’t push it too hard.

And you’re right. You shouldn’t ever push your body so far that you do more harm than good. But this morning my body told me I wasn’t sick enough to quit today. I didn’t have a fever, just a sore throat and some congestion. My brain had better get on board. There was a faint pounding in my head as I downed a bunch of water on my way to my trainer’s studio. My body was waking up and I was feeling better than I was a half hour earlier.

“How you feeling today?” asked my trainer, wanting to know what my muscle soreness level was.

“Great!” I lied as I tied my shoes. He threw me on the treadmill and with pure determination I started my run. As we headed into circuit training, I channeled my focus into the tasks at hand and powered my way through. Take THAT you f-ing cold, I thought to myself.

Mind over matter. Proven.

We’ve been ending my workouts with boxing and I’ve found that I love throwing punches, it’s such a phenomenal release. This morning, he told me to add in some kicks.

“This is going to be hilarious.” I told him, trying to hide my nervousness. I felt extremely awkward and unqualified to be full on fighting him.

“Good,” he assured me as I gained my balance – and more importantly – my confidence.


As with anything new and scary, I had to fight my way through the uncomfortable feeling of inadequacy to reach a point of confidence. What’s that old saying? Fake it til ya make it? That’s been my mode of operation for most of my life. From things big – like overcoming extreme shyness and becoming an on-air radio personality in a large market to things small – like overcoming self-consciousness and changing in a gym locker room. Eventually, the confidence is no longer faked and grows into a powerful catalyst for personal growth.

After all, putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations is the only way to evolve into a stronger, better human. ‘Comfortable’ is boring.



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    So true. Enough said

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