Weekend with Myself


“You’re being weird.”


Those are among the responses I got when I decided to stay home in the city this Memorial Day weekend. Living in the State of Over 10,000 Lakes, it seems insane to skip the cabin on the last weekend in May. I knew what I was doing was a little weird.

As my silence here at the blog lately may have alluded to, I’ve been traveling a lot for my job…. bouncing home for a couple of days here and there before leaving again over the past several weeks. While I appreciate the opportunity to travel, last week I hit a wall in a way. I felt out of sorts and needed find my sense of normalcy again.

My house was out of order, laundry was piling up, my lawn was almost knee high, I hadn’t yet cleaned up my yard from the winter, my workout routine and diet had been sporadic and interrupted for weeks… you get the idea. I just wanted to stay home.

So I did. It’s been the perfect weekend of lazy and productive. I’ve been to the gym every single day. My lawn is mowed. I’ve started putting flowers in the yard. I played softball with some friends. I caught up on sleep in a major way. I vacuumed the winter out of my car. I watched an entire season of Hell’s Kitchen – don’t judge. Most importantly, I feel like myself again. While I adore going to the lake and hanging out with my family at the cabin, I really needed this weekend to myself.

It’s okay to slow down and sink back down into a routine. Sometimes we need to do that in order to recapture our focus… so we can hit the ground running again, feeling balanced and stable rather than constantly feeling like we’re trying to catch up.

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend and are spending in a way that makes you happy and peaceful.

More soon!


One comment

  1. Wilder Man On Rolling Creek · May 27, 2013

    Good reminder for one the most important concepts of all time: self-care. Not only recovery / restoration comes out of good self-care … good writing comes out of good self-care. Thanks for the reminder. Keep on.

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